Katrina is AMAZING!!

First, she’s a sweetheart. From the first conversation you have with her, you feel like you’re best friends. It’s comfortable talking to her about anything! Including tips on how not to “you know what” on the bed while pushing baby out. She has an effective trick for that!

Second, she’s not judgmental or pushy with her own opinions when it comes to what kind of birth experience you want to have. I had told her about my desire to have an unmedicated birth due to the fact that my first child’s birth had complications resulting from the epidural. My baby ended up becoming septic and we had to stay at the hospital for 7 days so that she could have antibiotics administered to her through IV. It was hard to watch her go through it all, I didn’t want to take a chance on the same thing happening to my second baby, so I decided to go epidural free this time. Katrina was very supportive and inspiring in helping me stick to my decision. She taught me a lot about the effects of drugs during child birth, helping me understand better what went wrong on my first birth, but without making me feel judged. She was always easy to reach for any questions I had, and was a great coach when my labor finally began, guiding and encouraging me through the whole ordeal.

Even after delivery, she has been a constant support with breastfeeding advice and consult about my own personal recovery. She’s knowledgeable and helpful, and I’m so glad to have had her help on my second time around. You truly can’t go wrong with her.

Fabrice S.

March 13, 2019