Personalized nutrition guide, weight training guides, recommended supplements, and more.


Personal Coaching

Weekly check-ins with adjustments, new workout splits as needed, and video demonstrations.

Workout Plans

Personalized splits focused on building muscle and repairing metabolism.

Nutrition Guides

Optimizing your meal components to lose fat, build muscle, and have a revving metabolism.

Supplement Guides

Comprehensive list of recommended supplements and trusted brands to enhance your workout.

Personal Coaching

Get started today with individualized coaching based on your specific goals:

  • Fat Loss
  • Build Muscle
  • Re composition
  • Repair Metabolism

I provide nutrition sciences-based training programs that are designed to make you feel your best and improve your day to day performance in and out of the gym setting. Feel more energized and watch your body change before your eyes. The only thing holding you back is YOU!

Example Workout Plan

Back and Shoulders
Exercise Name Reps Tempo Rest**
Superset Wide Grip Seated Row 12 1/1/1/0 M
Face Pulls 15
3 Sets
Meadows Row 10 Each M
3 Sets
Single Arm Cable Lat Raise 12 M
3 Sets
Y Pull 15 M
3 Sets
Rack Deadlift 6-8 L
3 Sets
DB/ Machine Shoulder Press 6-8 1/1/4/1 M
3 Sets


  • Weight reporting is done over a 5 week period for each exercise
  • Rack Deadlift – HEAVY – check my video again for details on how important appropriate starting height is
  • DB/Machine press – pick but then then stick with it

Nutrition Guides Example

Example Workout

Get to know Katrina

I grew up the way most people likely do. I didn’t over-eat but was taught to clean my plate. I assumed I was doing everything right. I practiced the adage, “you are what you eat.” I looked healthy, so assumed I was. In my early twenties, my job required a physical fitness test. I realized I couldn’t run to the end of my own driveway or do a single pushup without being on my knees. To get better, I did what everyone thinks you should do: work harder. I practiced running, push-ups, weightlifting, etc. I got to where I was doing pretty good. By the time I was 30, I had trained hard enough to run a marathon with a respectable time. I thought I had it figured out. The process of trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, and losing weight afterward changed that. I found out I had hormone imbalances and a horribly messed up metabolism. Working harder, lifting more weights, running more didn’t help. I was older and had been through several pregnancies, my body didn’t respond to working harder like it used to. I finally sought the counsel of a bodybuilding coach and was introduced to a whole new world of diet control and weightlifting. I saw immediate results that gave me more energy, better results, fixed my hormone imbalances, and corrected my metabolism. Once I won a physique competition, I was hooked. I began studying the science behind diets. I found out that “you are what you eat” exactly as I thought, but it applies to a deeper understanding of the foods you eat. Turns out, trying to eat what is traditionally known as “healthy” isn’t that good for you. I love sharing what I have learned and seeing people transform their lives. Let me help you achieve those goals.