Childbirth / Newborn Education

What we offer…

Take classes designed to educate you with science and evidence-based information so you can make the best choices as you move through pregnancy and birth.

We provide a comprehensive education involving:

  • Physiological process of childbirth
  • Hospital policies/options
  • Homebirth vs. hospital birth.
  • Labor positions for comfort / progression of labor
  • Common medications used for mother and baby and how they interact.
  • How to care for your newborn
  • Breastfeeding position and what to expect
  • Common issues with breastfeeding and how to avoid them
  • Nutrition and Exercise Recommendations
  • Postpartum Recovery Guidelines

When you complete this class, you will leave being educated, empowered, and prepared to labor with knowledge of what to expect and how to make this experience a positive moment in your life, whether it be your first baby or your 10th!

Obtain access to our local provider list of Pelvic Floor PT, Chiropractor, Pediatrician, Pediatric dentist, Pediatric ENT, Midwives, and Obstetricians.