Traditional Midwifery

What is traditional midwifery?

With traditional midwifery, you gain pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care for mothers with the understanding that birth is not a medical condition but a natural process that should be supported and monitored.

I believe traditional midwifery to be a calling and wonderful opportunity to serve mothers during one of the most special times they will encounter as a family. Traditional midwifery allows you as the parent to be in the driver’s seat and autonomously make informed decisions right for your family. It also gives you the support of a midwife who believes in your God designed ability to grow and carry a life, give birth, and nourish the new addition to your family. I provide evidence based prenatal care as a traditional midwife and monitor closely throughout your pregnancy to ensure all remains within the norm. If at any time during the pregnancy or birth there are deviations from what would be normal, I will act within my training and experience to maximize the safety of you and your baby.

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