Hiring a doula. I’ve heard about it throughout the years but never really paid attention to it. This time around, I wanted to do a home birth because I’ve had other deliveries, so why not try something new? Plus I had a friend that just raved about doing a home birth and just how amazing her doula (Katrina) was. Well, being the fact that I’ve never had an unmedicated birth, I needed all the support I can get. I also wanted a room of women that could read me and anticipate my needs without me having to say anything (I’ve got one of the best husbands out there, but this was way out of his league).

Having Katrina during my pregnancy and labor was a game changer. Not only was she responsive but she was confident, knowledgeable and brought me SO MUCH PEACE! She helped me to believe in myself. She gave me facts and truths which debunked my fears. Being a mom herself I was nervous about her readiness of being there for me. But from the time I sent her the first text with the first contraction, until even days after my son was born, she was there for me and I felt like I was the only person in her life.

During my labor she made sure things that I needed or would have soon wanted were provided without me even having to say anything. Her presence alone brought me so much peace and confidence. I knew I could do this and be the bad a$$ I was created to be. Her hands! Her hands have been blessed by God himself, and whatever oil she used while rubbing my achy body was just pure heaven.

Bottom line, I regret not having Katrina at all my other labors. I KNOW she would have fought for me in the hospital with my other babies and it would have taken the pressure off my husband of having to be a mind reader/fight for something that he knew nothing about. I have come from “what’s the purpose of a doula?” To “OMG! Don’t have a baby without one!”


March 13, 2023