I hired Katrina for the birth of my third child (older 2 were born in another state.) We planned for an unmedicated, low-intervention VBAC in the hospital. Throughout my labor she was a wonderfully calm and supportive presence. I cannot have asked for a more peaceful labor. However, my son surprised all of us by crowning bottom first! I fully expected to be whisked away for an emergency C-section at that point when Katrina grabbed my hand and told me “just because this is not how it is usually done does not mean it can’t be done.” Those were the exact words I needed to hear in that moment. She helped me stay grounded and powerfully connected to my body, even as the room flooded with medical staff, and I went on to have a vaginal breech birth. I have worked with other doulas in the past, but none as intuitive as Katrina. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emily Z.

November 29, 2021