It’s challenging to put into words how much Katrina’s support meant to me before, during, and after my natural labor and water birth experience, but I’m going to try. Having spoken over the phone a handful of times and meeting in person for my prenatal visit once, Katrina naturally should have felt like merely an acquaintance in the delivery room. So far from the case, she felt like a close friend who I had known and trusted for years. She brought a calming yet powerful presence of support into arguably the most intimate and vulnerable experience of my life. She is so wise and knew exactly what to do and how to encourage in times of pain and what felt like helplessness. Looking back, we can’t imagine welcoming our first child into this world alongside anyone else. Since delivery, she’s continued to support me by taking the time to answer any of my questions with an uplifting spirit of, “Give yourself grace…you and your baby are both learning.” Katrina, we love you and are so thankful for you!

Taylor C.

October 10, 2021