Every expectant mother deserves a Katrina during their pregnancy and during their birthing experience, especially first time mommas or high risk mommas. I reached out to Katrina after a long history of infant loss, miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.

Katrina has a wealth of knowledge about all things pregnancy and babies. My husband and I were better able to make well informed decisions with the information Katrina gave us. She offered information from all sides of the argument when it came to newborn shots, circumcision, birthing preparation, etc. Doctors tend to be very one sided so it’s extremely helpful to have someone who only has your best interest in mind. My husband was relieved to know that he would only have one job during my labor & delivery: to be there to support me. He didn’t have to worry about keeping up with my birth plan or making sure the doctors were honoring our wishes. Katrina really lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders.

The best part about having Katrina as our certified Doula was having someone to reach out to during those freak out moments when web MD would scare you into thinking the worst. I could text Katrina when I noticed something off during my pregnancy or when my baby wasn’t latching correctly during breastfeeding and she was always so helpful and patient with me.

We didn’t need a c-section but it’s a nice bonus to know that if we did, she would’ve been allowed in the room during the times when my husband wasn’t. She was also considered part of the birthing team so both mother and husband were still allowed to be at my labor and delivery post-COVID.

I will definitely need Katrina for all of my future pregnancies and she is the first recommendation when a friend tells me they’re expecting!


June 22, 2022