I had the privilege of being coached by Katrina during the pandemic for the birth of my third child, and I cannot overstate the impact she had on my birth experience. From our very first meeting, she radiated warmth, knowledge, and a deep sense of understanding about the intricacies of childbirth. She felt it was important to not only support me, but include and support my husband during the process. Katrina consistently provided invaluable emotional, physical, and educational support, always ensuring we felt informed and empowered in our choices. Her unwavering dedication to our needs made her presence in the birthing room not just helpful but absolutely indispensable. The doctor and medical staff even complimented her for letting them do their jobs, while she did her own.Katrina’s vast experience and genuine passion for her work are evident in every interaction. She possesses a rare blend of professionalism and genuine compassion, which eased our anxieties and made us feel supported and understood. She not only guided us through the myriad of decisions surrounding childbirth but also celebrated our little victories and reassured us during challenging moments.Katrina wasn’t just there for the birth; she was a lifeline after. I went through a scary postpartum hemorrhage hours after she left. She wasn’t allowed to return back to the hospital because of Covid rules, but distance didn’t stop her. Even when the medical staff was dismissive, Katrina was right there, helping me and my husband through that nightmare. As a woman of color, I can’t express how grateful I am for her taking my health seriously.  She’s been an absolute blessing.I wholeheartedly recommend Katrina to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated doula. Her guidance was the cornerstone in making our childbirth experience positive and memorable. Thank you Katrina!

Natabia C.

October 29, 2023