Despite an ”easy” pregnancy, I can’t really say I loved being pregnant. What I will say is that hands down the most empowering experience in my life was bringing our daughter into this world with the birth that I wanted. Everyone has their own idea of what they hope their delivery experience will be, and however you personally choose to go about it, you will benefit from the aid of a doula as skilled as Katrina.

Katrina’s assistance with pain management allowed my husband to freely support me emotionally without worrying about anything else. But what’s more, Katrina recognized the symptoms of poor positioning of our baby’s head that was preventing my dilation from progressing even though I was having strong contractions. She helped us get her repositioned and things immediately began to progress. After delivery, she was able to be with our daughter during her bath while my husband held my hand as I was stitched up. She also was at our house the day after we came home to help assist me with latching our daughter to breastfeed.

I really cannot sing high enough praise for Katrina. I will definitely have her present at our next delivery!!

Heather D.

August 15, 2020