Katrina is an absolute gift and I am so thankful we had her as part of our birth experience. After having a traumatic birth with my first, which then led to a beautiful and redemptive natural birth with my second, I knew I wanted the support of a doula for my third baby. I had received Katrina’s name from a friend who had had her as doula support for her first baby, and had sung her praises. I had learned from my first experience working with a doula that it is such a highly personal decision to make; having someone present for some of the most vulnerable moments of your life makes the decision weighty. After meeting Katrina, I knew she was a great match. Knowledgeable, passionate, kind, even keeled, gracious… so many other words I can use to describe her. I could tell from our first interaction that she was dedicated and devoted to providing women a wonderful birthing experience as well as a supported postpartum journey.

Though my third birth proved to be a bit unexpected in that I went in for an induction, Katrina was there every step of the way. She was calm when I was anxious, informative when we needed to make decisions and an immense emotional and physical support. I felt a ton of confidence and relief knowing she had recently finished her midwifery training, so she had a plethora of medical knowledge and advice as well. She was there with us from early labor through delivery, and stayed for a while afterwards to ensure all was well and help with baby as needed. She was such a big piece of the birth story, and I’m so grateful. Anyone who has Katrina on their birth team will be incredibly blessed by her.

Eric C.

September 12, 2023